Control Room

The Control Room is app. 20 square meters and offers plenty of space for both producer, artist and engineer. The acoustics are based on the live end/dead end principle with massive bass absorption within the construction. All outboard gear is integrated in the console design, both for the sake of keeping the knobs where your ears are, and to leave the rest of the room tidy and spacious. The heart of the control room is the Chandler Mini Mixer system, an all-discrete 32-channel line mixing console, jam-packed with massive transformers. Like Mike Caffrey wrote about them in Tape Op: “My first impression was that the difference that the Mini Rack Mixer makes is bigger than the difference mastering makes. A/B’ing the result was like comparing a CD to and MP3.” Which is why you will find  the Chandler Mini Mixer at folks like Brendan O’Brien, Michael Beinhorn, Tony Maserati and Michael Brauer. The mixer is hard-wired to an Aviom personal mixing system, that gives the musicians the ability to make their own mix during the recording, independently from the control room mix. A great feature, that saves a lot of time during long sessions.

Dead Room

The Dead Room (or, as we call it, the Red Room) is app. 18 square meters, and, even though it is a dead room, it still offers a great ambience and sonic imprint on all recordings. Drums sound present and warm in here, thanks to a great combination of absorption and diffusion. The room often accomodates small bands for live tracking.

The Isolation Booth

The Isolation Booth isolates the Control Room from the Dead Room, and is being used for isolation of guitar or bass amps, or an acoustic guitar player. Despite its small size, it’s still a nice and comfortable room thanks to its big, glass doors and good ventilation.

The Machine Room

The Machine Room holds the 2” 24 track recorder as well as all computers, digital converters and monitor amplifiers. All mains power in the studio is made from scratch and is transformer isolated from the power for light, instruments and other equipment, that can cause interference with the audio gear.

Lounge Area

The studio facility is a part of the creative hub, Sliberiet, that hosts a few small businesses, all related to music. We have a fully equipped kitchen and we can provide several great chefs, who love to cook for the lovely artists and musicians, we have in the house - usually  at a price point, that easily competes with take-away. The lounge area also offers plenty of space to hang out, talk and network with the others in the building or just sit by yourself with your laptop and a cup of coffee - be it indoor or out on our patio.


The studio is situated in Aabyhøj, very close to the city centre, under 2 km from the railway station. There is free public parking right outside, and it’s very easy to load and unload instruments., as the studio is at street level. The area is full of creative businesses, with Godsbanen nearby - and supermarkets and take-away restaurants within walking distance. Not to forget a music store and an excellent wine shop!