Skraaplan Recording records all kinds of music, from jazz and folk to rock and metal. We love the challenges and diversity of every genre, and the fact that every session demands a new approach. Skraaplan is able to do sessions on 2” tape and of course on a digital 32-input Pro Tools HD system. The studio layout is made for the purpose of making simultaneous band tracking sessions - eg., all musicians can be situated in the live room, and have amps and speakers in the adjacent rooms and boxes. We do mostly complete productions, but it has become very common practice for independent releases to use the studio for basic tracking and then do overdubs in the project studio. We will happily guide you to the  best solution, that fits your budget.
We love to take great care to make the best recorded tracks possible - it’s important for a good production, and it’s vital to the atmosphere and vibe during the session. Good sound in the cans and in the control room always creates wide smile. And we believe that the feeling and expression of a record is created in the tracking session - and then fine tuned in the mix.


The hybrid setup with the Chandler Mini Mixers is made with the purpose of using the best of both worlds - analog and digital - at mixdown. Everything is accessible through a well thought-out patchbay, and makes it easy to recall an old session. We make recall sheets for every mix, so despite the use of analog outboard gear, mix revisions are a breeze. We often do mixes for clients from far away, and with fast revision uploads, comments over the phone or email, it’s never a problem, if you can’t be physically present at a session.

We mix to whatever digital format you would prefer, and 1/2" tape. Reference files will always be made post tape.


The controlled acoustics in the control room, the many monitoring possibilities and the selection of hardware and quality converters gives us the possibility to do in-house mastering. We can work from digital formats and 1/2” tape.


Today, many artists on a budget mix their productions at home on their computers entirely in the box, and with the quality of today’s digital audio workstations and plug-ins, very good results can be achieved. Many hits today are in fact entirely in the box-mixes. But some things are hard to achieve on a computer alone, and that is why Skraaplan Recording offers the possibility of Analogify. Analogify means, that the artist delivers a finished mix in up to 16 stereo or 32 mono stems. These will be run through the Chandler Mini Mixer, printed to 1/2” tape, and then back to whatever digital format is desired for mastering.
We’re doing a campaign at the moment for this product, at the price of DKK 275,- per track. Read more about specifications and upload here.